Access Liquidity
Offer Swaps
Support Bitcoin
Integrate Savers
Add Lending
Go Cross-Chain
Power Your App.

Any wallet or exchange can utilize THORChain to provide access to the most in-demand cross-chain swap routes to their users. Offer users single-sided yield on their assets, including Bitcoin. Create new revenue streams for your team through affiliate fees.

Providing Native Asset Infrastructure

Built With THORChain

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Why Integrate THORChain?

Make your application multichain by integrating THORChain.


Unique Swap Routes

THORChain offers unique swap routes previously only available on centralized exchanges. Permissionlessly swap Bitcoin, Ether and dozens of other coins cross-chain.

Collect Fees, Earn Revenue

Earn fees from every swap executed with your app. Affiliate fees are paid in any asset supported by the network like BTC, ETH, or Stablecoins.

Simple Integration

Interacting with THORCHain is as easy as broadcasting a transaction on the Layer 1 blockchain. Send coins to a THORChain vault and your swap is automatically executed.


No applications, signups, or API keys. THORChain is as open as the public blockchains it connects. Get started today.


Who Can Build on THORChain?

There are many ways to take advantage of THORChain’s decentralized liquidity pools to improve your app or service.


Decentralized Exchanges

Give your users access to the deep liquidity of native Bitcoin, Ethereum, Avalanche, stablecoins, and more. Collect affiliate fees from swaps and liquidity providers using your service powered by THORChain.


Provide users with native swaps and yield, directly from your wallet. Collect affiliate fees from swaps and liquidity providers using your service powered by THORChain.


Become a multi-chain aggregator by routing trades through THORChain. Collect affiliate fees from swaps and liquidity providers using your service powered by THORChain.


Getting Started

Read the documentation and get started with integrating THORChain infrastructure to power your app

Developer Documentation

Documentation pertaining to integrating THORChain: wallets, fees, transaction memos, libraries, middleware, CLIs, etc.

Network Documentation

Documentation pertaining to the network: emissions schedule, incentive pendulum, liquidity, synthetic assets, lending, etc.

Developers Discord

Announcements & discussion for THORChain developers. Ask Integrations questions in the #integrate-thorchain channel


XChainJS is a TypeScript library designed for cross-chain wallets, offering lightweight functionality. It enables connection to multiple blockchains through a unified interface, including THORChain and cross-chain swaps.


Swapkit’s SDK gives developers API access to a powerful suite of non-custodial, permissionless DeFi tools to interact with 5,500+ crypto assets across 10 blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and THORChain.

Powering THORSwap

Powering THORSwap

SwapKit offers a composable, user-friendly API+SDK that makes THORChain integration easy - empowering any dApp to go multi-chain in less than 100 lines of code.

SwapKit comes with the benefits of streamlined affiliate fees, improved quotes & gas pricing, robust wallet connectivity, and DEX aggregation enabling swaps between 5,500+ crypto assets across 10 blockchains in a single transaction.

Abstract the complexity and optimize your THORChain integration with SwapKit's battle-tested infrastructure for cost-effective, enterprise-level performance.

SwapKit SDK